How'd/Why'd this happen?

Text messages, circa December 2018...

Hef: 2019 resolutions? CB: Maybe ride bike. You? Hef: A and B and C and D and listen to 52 records "in entirety" and X and Y and Z. CB: How about this: you and I EACH need to listen to 52 records which the OTHER guy tells us to listen to. Hef: Okay. CB: Okay.

What else?

There was a different layout here when things were in progress. We kept the data in a Google Sheet, kept the code on GitHub and hosted the site on Heroku.

We crunched some numbers.

Who cares?

No one.

Average rating for inflicted suffering

Hef average rating


Hef rated 41 records, with a high of 9 (New Order Low-Life) and a low of 2 (Girlpool What Chaos Is Imaginary).

CB average rating


CB rated 52 records, with a high of 10 (The Police Ghost in the Machine) and a low of 1 (Postmodern Jukebox Emoji Antique).

CB rates what he assigned to Hef

Average for records he made Hef listen to


CB assigned Hef several 10s (Chavez Ride the Fader, Houston Bottom of the Curve, Giants Chair Prefabylon, The Wrens The Meadowlands, Shiner Lula Divinia, Castor Tracking Sounds Alone, Polvo In Prism) and one 5 (Journey Escape).

Best week

Combined Hef, CB rating


Week 49

Hef gives New Order Low-Life a 9 and CB gives Mice Parade Mice Parade a 8.

Worst weeks

Combined Hef, CB rating


Week 15

Hef gives Chavez Ride the Fader a 3 and CB gives Seven Mary Three American Standard a 3.

Week 22

Hef gives Roma 79 Cardinal Star a 3 and CB gives The Interrupters Fight the Good Fight a 3.

Largest discrepancy

Difference between Hef & CB rating on a Hef assignment


Week 15

Hef gives Chavez Ride the Fader a 3 and CB gives it a 10.

CB heard it before