Why? Hef: 2019 resolutions? CB: Maybe ride bike. You? Hef: A and B and C and D and listen to 52 records "in entirety" and X and Y and Z. CB: How about this: you and I EACH need to listen to 52 records which the OTHER guy tells us to listen to. Hef: Okay. CB: Okay. That's why.

This Week

Hef is listening to Lush by Snail Mail (2018)

CB is listening to Army Navy by Army Navy (2008)

Last Week

Hef listened to

Giants Chair

Prefabylon 2019

Hef sez "I liked it - listened to it 4+ times. Can’t really review because it’s not on Spotify anymore, though. Will have to check out the band’s releases from the late 90s."

7 / 10

CB listened to


Autoamerican 1980

CB sez "This record is all over the place. You can tell they had lots of ideas, but most of them are bad ones. Fave: T-Birds, although the version I listened to tacked on Call Me, which would be the clear winner."

3 / 10



Steely Dan Aja 1977

Hef sez "Really not a bad track in this short release. “Black Cow,” “Deacon Blues”, “Josie”, & of course “Peg,” which is a masterpiece, are my faves. Least favorite is title track."

7 / 10

Butthole Surfers Psychic... Powerless... Another Man's Sac 1984

Hef sez "In all honesty, here’s a band I wanted to like more than I ever truly did. They had a great name. Their album artwork was always solid. Yet I listened to their stuff selectively & intermittently at best. This album, for me is a typical offering from the band. Some (“Concubine”) are damn near unlistenable. Some (“Woly Boly,” “Mexican Caravan”) are pretty damn good. “Lady Sniff” is one that teenage and middle age Hefs agree upon - a timeless anthem/verbal middle finger set to music."

5 / 10

Houston Bottom of the Curve 2003

Hef sez "This one started strong but went downhill after first 3 tracks. “I’m a Girl” was the point of no return, although a few tracks after that attempted to redeem the album, they failed and their titles weren’t memorable. “The Lousy Picture I Took” is awful, and an appropriate way to close this way too long offering."

5 / 10

The Jicks Wig Out at Jagbags 2014

Hef sez "This is a prime example of the sum being greater than the parts. Each song, on its own is just ok. The album, though...it works well when played through."

7 / 10

Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy 1973

Hef sez "It’s Zep, so there’s that. It’s not my favorite Zep album though. 5/10 imo - but could be just due to overexposure of songs like D’yer Mak’er."

5 / 10


Counting Crows August and Everything After 1993

CB sez "So dull it should have been packaged in khaki pants and a polo shirt."

2 / 10

The New Pornographers Mass Romantic 2000

CB sez "These Canucks do nice work. If you asked me who their influences are I'd say "all of them" but after a minute or two I might just say "Supertramp." Faves: Jackie, Occupant, Execution Day."

7 / 10

The Replacements Tim 1985

CB sez "Rare instance where band goes to major label, makes best record. All killer, no filler."

9 / 10

Son Little New Magic 2017

CB sez "Not bad for the genre. Starts out pretty well, heats up in second half. Fave: The Middle."

7 / 10

The Alan Parsons Project Eye in the Sky 1982

CB sez "Pretty conventional record from one of England's finest prog rock bands. One of England's prog rock bands, anyway. First two tracks are a 10, then the record devolves. Amazing that this went platinum."

4 / 10

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